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Year 5 Turkey

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Year 5: Turkey

Welcome to the Turkey Class Webpage 2014-15!


Spring Term // Games&Websites // Class Calendar // Homework // Getting Involved // Getting in Touch // Class Trips

Classroom Rules // Spelling List // Vocabulary // Local Attractions // Videos // Classroom photo-tour


What we are learning in the Spring Term

Numeracy :

Fractions, Percentages, Area, Perimeter, Range, Money


  • Relative Clauses, adverbial Phrases, Conjunctions, adverbs, modal verbs, fronted adverbials, Use the perfect form of verbs, Determiners a/an, kinds of sentences, new paragraphs, linking paragraphs with adverbials to mark relationships of time and cause, Phrases and Clauses, were/was, noun phrases
  • Classic Narrative (Just So Stories)
  • Novels and stories by significant children’s authors
  • Diary Writing (Children’s Significant Authors)
  • Poetic style (free verse)

Science:  Forces

IPC: They See The World Like This (artists’ impressions of the world)

R.E.: Buddhism

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Games and Websites we use for learning

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 Our Class Calendar

  • PE on Wednesday
  • ICT on Wednesday
  • Music on Friday
  • Class Assembly once a term on a Friday at 10:45
  • Parent’s Morning meetings on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 8:30 – 8:45
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Every Friday, your child will be set homework. This is to be completed and returned by the following Tuesday.

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Getting Involved

Please be involved as much as you like with the school community. Should you want to offer help on our class trips or in the class, feel welcome to do so. Plus, parents are welcome to spend some time in the class after our morning meetings.

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Getting in Touch

Generally, you can speak to me any time before or after school. But please be aware, we have staff meetings on Wednesdays after school and on Tuesdays and Thursdays, there are the parent’s morning meetings. My email address is

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Class Trips

We have upcoming trips planned to Westminster Abbey and The National Gallery

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Classroom Rules

When on the carpet

  • Hand up before speaking.
  • No talking unless instructed.
  • Must sit on magic spot.
  • Good listening.

When at table working

  • Hand up before speaking or asking for something.
  • If you need to get out of your chair for anything, put your hand up and ask to do so.
  • Quiet talking to your table partner only.
  • Must tidy up table when finished lesson.

When moving around classroom

  • Only walking; carefully and quietly.
  • Must wait to be instructed to move.
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Spelling List

acommodate, accompany, according, achieve, aggressive, amateur, ancient, apparent, appreciate, attached, available, average, awkward
bargain, bruise
category, cemetery, committee, communicate, community, competition, conscience*, conscious*, controversy, convenience, correspond, criticise (critic + ise), curiosity
definite, desperate, determined, develop, dictionary, disastrous
embarrass, environment, equip (–ped, –ment), especially, exaggerate, excellent, existence, explanation
familiar, foreign, forty, frequentlygovernment, guarantee
harass, hindrance
identity, immediate(ly), individual, interfere, interrupt
language, leisure, lightning
marvellous, mischievous, muscle
necessary, neighbour, nuisance
occupy, occur, opportunity
parliament, persuade, physical, prejudice, privilege, profession, programme, pronunciation
recognise, recommend
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Vocabulary – Literacy

relative clause

modal verb

relative pronoun







Simple sentences

Compound sentences

Complex sentences – including subordinate clauses

Subordinate clause subject knowledge

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Local Attractions for Family Learning

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Videos we use in Class

We use a lot of the BBC Class Clips in our classroom to support learning. Especially for Numeracy, Literacy and Science.

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Classroom photo-tour

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Class Teacher: Graham Howie

Teaching Assistant: Mario Ruiz

Graham Howie

Graham Howie, Reception Somalia Teacher - Part Time

Mr. Howie grew up in a fishing town called Musselburgh, just outside Edinburgh, Scotland. He likes to watch and play tennis. He can play the guitar and enjoys painting and drawing. Mr. Howie also enjoys camping, exploring the countryside and spotting birds and animals.