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Welcome to Pakistan Class’ Webpage 2014-2015!

25 wonderful and fantastic children make up Pakistan Class. We also have our lovely Teaching Assistant, Mrs Kaur, our Nursery Officer, Mrs Hafesji and the Class Teacher Miss Chapman. Pakistan children are such busy bees in this class learning lots and having fun!


Latest Updates // Class Topics // Clapton Library // PE and Computing // Spanish // Music // Photos

Latest Updates

Click here: Pakistan coffee morning 23.01.15 to see the PowerPoint slides that were shown in our Parents Coffee Morning this Friday the 21st of January, 2015. Thanks to everyone who came and joined us!

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Class Topics

Our first topic for the year has been Bears and thank you to all the parents who came along to our Teddy Bears Picnic. The children have been learning so much throughout this topic and have really enjoyed learning about the Polar Bears, Panda Bears and Grizzly Bears.

The topics for the rest of the year are:

  • Clothes
  • Patterns
  • Treasure
  • Plant & flowers
  • Changes.
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Visiting Clapton Library

Every second Friday we walk down to the Clapton Library where the children enjoy listening to a reading from one of the Librarians.

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PE and Computing

Both classes happen every Thursday morning. PE is taught by Miss Artlett and Computing by Mr Braune.

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We learn Spanish every Wednesday morning with Miss Nuria.

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Music lesssons are every Tuesday morning with Miss Jess.

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Some photos

Pakistan_01 Pakistan_02 Pakistan_03 Pakistan_04 Pakistan_05 Pakistan_06 Pakistan_07 Pakistan_08 Pakistan_09 Pakistan_10

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Class Teacher: Alice Chapman

Teaching Assistant: Kay Kaur

Nursery Officer: Yasmeen Hafesji


Kay Kaur

Kay Kaur, Reception Somalia Class Teaching Assistant